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Descriptions Commercial Grain Bins

After looking at bins from the inside out for nearly 40 years, Sukup made the decision to start building our own bins to complete our line of grain handling, drying and storage equipment. We brought in many bin experts to help us design our bins from scratch, unhindered by years of «we've always done it that way». We then invested in new bin manufacturing equipment that is the most advanced, most efficient, and most accurate in the world. Sukup Manufacturing Co. has designed grain bins to handle high loads with capacity from 2,000 to 32,750 t. for short or long term grain storage.

High Strength Steel Sukup Sidewall Sheets

Sukup uses a minimum 70,000 psi (4,570 kgf/cm2) and up to 75,000 psi (5,273 kgf/cm2) tensile strength steel to provide better vertical load carrying capacity. The 4" (10,1 cm) wide corrugations on Sukup sidewall sheets create less resistance and friction to allow grain to flow more easily. Sukup sheets are 44" (111,8 cm) high, so there are fewer rings, seams and bolts than bins with 32" (81,28 cm) sidewall sheets.

Top Quality Bolts

All bolts on a Sukup Commercial Bin are SAE Grade 8.2 (the highest standard in the industry) with JS 500 plating. The SAE Grade 8.2 ensures that Sukup bolts will hold up to the stresses placed on them. Sukup has used JS 500 plating on their bolts from the start to ensure the long life of their tanks. Many others use Zinc Dichromate.

Optimum Bolt Usage

The vertical bolt pattern on Sukup Commercial Bins has been evaluated for optimum performance and convenient erection. Sukup engineers use solid imaging computer design analysis to determine the proper bolt size to ensure the integrity of the seams while minimizing the number of bolts needed in order to speed erection and keep costs in line.

Corrosion Protection Hours to Red Rust
JS 500 (Sukup) 500
Polyseal 240
Zinc Dichromate 108
Zinc 72


Bolt Grade Proof Load (kgf/cm2) Yield Strength (kgf/cm2) Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2)
8.2 (Sukup) 8437 9140 10550
5 5976 6468 8437
2 3867 4007 5203


Commercial Stiffeners

Not all stiffeners are designed alike, and not all stiffeners perform alike. Sukup commercial stiffeners are made from 70,000 PSI (4,921 kgf/cm2) minimum tensile strength galvanized steel and were computer-engineered specifically to make them extra strong.

Sukup stiffeners are externally-mounted only. External stiffeners provide excellent support and prevent the accumulation of grain and the resulting spoilage that can occur with internal stiffeners. Wind rings are used to provide greater rigidity to Sukup Commercial Bins when they are empty.

Exceptional Peak Load Rating

Sukup offers commercial roofs with 15,000 lb (6,804 kg), 30,000 lb (13,610 kg) peak load ratings. Roof ratings are pounds evenly distributed on peak ring as pure vertical load with uniformly distributed roof snow load calculated from 40 psf (195,3 kgf/cm2) ground snow zone or 90 mph (144,8 km/hr) wind zone.

The strength of Sukup roof comes from double C-shaped channels forming I-beam rafters with C-shaped purlins. Rafters and purlins are manufactured from 70,000 psi (4,570 kgf/cm2) tensile strength galvanized steel. The substructure of Sukup Commercial Roofs provides strength on the inside, but Sukup roofs also have strength on the outside. Sukup's specially designed roof panels are formed on a fully automated, highly advanced, single-pass roll forming system. This system maintains tight tolerances, ensuring an accurate fit for easier assembly and a tight seal between panels.

Sukup's roll-forming process (shown above) includes a step to rigidize the full length of the roof panels every 4" (10,1 cm) to increase the stiffness of the panels, making them easier to handle. Sukup introduced their bins with the deepest roof ribs (3" - 7,62 cm) incorporating multiple bends, giving added strength to the roof panels. Sukup even went the extra step of making the ribs two different widths for a better overlap and fit. The inner or lower rib is slightly smaller than the upper, allowing the sheets to nest properly.

Roof rings are standard on all Sukup commercial roofs. The number of rings varies depending upon bin diameter.

Sukup Commercial Peak Lids

15,000 lb (6,804 kg) 30,000 (13,610 kg) lb Sukup commercial roofs come equipped with a 1/4" (0,63 cm)thick, 60" (152,4 cm) diameter, diamond deck steel peak lid that provides a solid base for conveying equipment or fill spouts. The diamond decking provides a non-slip surface for improved worker safety. The lid can be cut on-site to match your conveyor or down spout requirements.

Proper Ventilation -- Sukup Roof Vents

Proper ventilation is an important part of maintaining grain quality. Sukup offers 18" (45,7 cm) fixed screen and 24" (60,9 cm) power roof exhausters.

Pre-punching the vent holes produces an extra-tall 2,8 cm (1 1/8") extruded lip that works as a barrier, preventing moisture from leaking into the tank through the vent opening.

Easy Access

The large manhole on Sukup Bins measures 20" x 35.5" (50,8 x 90,17 cm). When open, the door lays flat against the roof preventing door from self-closing.

Sukup offers a 44" (111,8 cm) door for bins with 8 rings or more. Door hinges are specially designed to swing open a full 1800 to rest flat against the sidewall. The Hammer HeadTM latches (patent pending) ensure easy opening of the doors.

Sukup's taller Commercial Bins are equipped with a 26.5" (67,31 cm) round door; the largest round door in the industry. A walk-through door is also available as another convenient option to help enter and exit the bin with ease.

Sukup Commercial Grain Bins are top quality from top to bottom.


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